Revive Kannadi Puzha

Its summer, and scorching heat is a reality. Some years back on our own Kannadi Puzha check dams were built in various places to prevent all water from emptying into Arabian Sea at last. Till last year the trend was positive, and water could be seen cuddled by the check dam. But this year the story is different, as there is no water near the check dam.

Now an understanding of ground water around these area is also required. But on a first glance it seems that the water table in surrounding areas seems to be depleting. Till last year the water refilling in wells have been good, but this year the rate of re-filling in wells has slowed down. An extensive study needs to be done for understanding the damage to water table.

Sharing a picture of Kannadi puzha in the summer 2017.

Dried up Kannadi puzha this summer
As responsible Thirunellites, we need to sit and discuss what can be done to revive our river before its too late. 

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