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Theru 2021 - Public ceremonies cancelled

Dear villagers,  An emergency meeting was held today and the following decision were taken unanimously. On all the days there will not be Swamy Ezhunnallathu, instead the Deity will be taken out and three pradhakshinam will be done inside the temple prakaram Melam will be there but no chenda.  As usual Kalababhishekam and Vedaparayanam will be there. In the evening there will not be mass naivedya distribution. The samooham will arrange a very small quantity of Naivedyam for the Deity. By 8pm the temple will be closed.  On the car festival day the Deity will be kept in vandi theru and three pradhakshinam will be made inside the temple prakaram. There will not any sadhya during car festival. It has also been advised that everybody should come with mask. All are requested not to crowd during the pradhakshinam time, instead they can have darshan at other times.                  With all your prayers and wishes, we firmly believe that the function will go smoothly. Regards, Thirunellai

Vishu 2021

Vishu was celebrated by Thirunellites across the globe.  The picture is from our Krishnan Kovil, Vishu Kani

Pankuni Uthram Ezhunnallathu

To bless the grama janatha, Lord Poorna Pushkala Sametha Hariharaputhra Swamy came out on Ezhunnallathu. It was Pankuni Uthram, his birthday on 28th March 2021.

Ratholsavam 2021

Om Namo Bhagavathe Hariharaputhraya Dear Devotees, We are very happy to inform you that the Ratholsavam in our village temple will be celebrated from 24-04-2021 to 03-05-2021.  As you all know that last year we couldn't conduct the Ratholsavam due to severe Covid pandemic situation. Though we are not free from that threat, considering the present situation it is decided to conduct this years car festival in a simple way following the Covid Protocol norms. We would also like to inform you that in the general body meeting held on 18-03-2021, it has been decided not to take the big car (Periya Theru) instead, the small car (Chinna Theru) and Vandi Theru will be taken. We sincerely invite your participation in the festival and seeks your support and co operation to make the festival a success.  Your contribution may be remitted to the Samooham Account, the particulars of which are given below. Please inform us in the mobile number given below the details of your remittance.  Those wh

Pankuni Uthram

On the occasion of Panguni Uthram (பங்குனி உத்தரம்) there will swamy ezhunnallthu  at.7.30 p.m in our village. It is considered to be Swamy Ayyappa's birthday today. Let us all pray to the Lord and be happy. 

Pattola - പട്ടോല വായന

Lost tradition series Pattola was a mechanism used to enforce at least one member from each house attend functions at temple. During Ratholsavam, every day night before taking Swamy from temple pattola would be read out. One person will start reading names from each house in order starting from nearby temple. Those present must say "Harihi" When calling their names. If they are not present they will be charged a nominal fine (1 Anna). During Kuthirayottam also the same will be called out from Manthai Kovil. This was carried on till 1960s. After that it is discontinued. Names from each houses are read out from memory. This practice ensured all were present for the important functions in the temple.

Tradition discontinued series

Starting today we will be sharing traditions that are either discontinued or not followed. We need more people to collect such ones with details. Please comment on this post if you wish to contribute.