Pattola - പട്ടോല വായന

Lost tradition series

Pattola was a mechanism used to enforce at least one member from each house attend functions at temple.

During Ratholsavam, every day night before taking Swamy from temple pattola would be read out. One person will start reading names from each house in order starting from nearby temple. Those present must say "Harihi" When calling their names. If they are not present they will be charged a nominal fine (1 Anna).

During Kuthirayottam also the same will be called out from Manthai Kovil.

This was carried on till 1960s. After that it is discontinued.

Names from each houses are read out from memory. This practice ensured all were present for the important functions in the temple.


  1. Our customs are getting lost its charms by loosing each importance due to negligence.


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