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Moolathara Dam Tragedy

There was a tragedy due to the breach in Moolathara regulator-cum-dam after water was released from the Aliyar Dam in Tamil Nadu. There was no human casualties in the tragedy but there was sudden flooding across the banks of Chittur river and thereby Thirunellai river which receives water from this dam. The decision to open shutters of Aliyar dam was due to the heavy rain in Tamil Nadu region. There has been political statements from both states in this issue already. Kerala has blamed Tamil Nadu for the breach of regulator saying they were not informed. But Tamil Nadu maintains that they had well informed about their act. The water in Thirunellai river touched both banks and the water-level, and Thirunellai village could not be reached through Vennakkara road. Chungam was water-logged for some hours. The water level reached normalcy by evening.