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Theru Notice - 2015

om namo bhagavathe harihara puthraya Yet another year, 2015. Theru programs are ready. Here is the notice/invitation for Theru/Ratholsavam this year. Below is the message from Thirunellai Grama Samooham. For any clarifications write to "Dear Devotee, We are glad to inform you that the Ratholsavam of Sree Poorna Pushkalambal Sametha Sree Hariharaputra Swami temple of our village is scheduled to be celebrated for 10 days from 30 April to 9 May 2015.  In addition to religious functions, cultural and entertainment programmes are also included to make it enjoyable to one and all.  We hereby solicit your wholehearted support for the smooth and successful conduct of the Ratholsavam through your participation and liberal contribution.   May Lord Poorna Pushkalambal Sametha Hariharaputra Swami shower his blessing on all of us.  Donation may kindly be sent in favour of:- Secretary / Tresurer Thirunellai Grama Samooham, 24/280, Thirunellai Vill