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Savithri Vratham

The Savithri Vratham is observed on the day that the Tamil month of Maasi changes to panguni. Savithri among the five Satis projects the image of a loyal and steadfast wife who could bring back her husband from Yama the God of Death because of her intrepidity and thinking-on-her-feet capacities. The childless king of Madra, Ashwapati, lived as an ascetic for many years and prayed to the Sun God Savitr for an heir. His prayers were answered and God Savitr granted him a boon of a daughter. The king named her Savitri and as she had been born out of devotion, piety and asceticism became her qualities later in life. Savitri was so beautiful and pure that she intimidated men. When she reached marriageable age, no man asked for her hand. So her father told her to find a husband on her own. She set out on a pilgrimage and found Satyavan, the son of an exiled, penniless, blind king named Dyumatsena who was a forest-dweller. However, Satyavan was destined to die one year from the day of her m

Karadayan nombu Today

Karadayan nombu:  This festival is celebrated on meenasankranthi that is between tamil month masi and pankuni.  Karadayai is the name of nivedyam prepared on this day and nombu means vrutham. It is believed that savithri got her husband sathyavan back from yama on this day and due to this savithri vrutham or karadayan nombu is celebrated. Vella (jaggery) nolumu adai, uppu nolumbu adai On this day woman worship goddess Gowri and offer her karadayan nombu nivedyam. After pooja woman tie the sacred yellow cotton thread known as manjal charadu or nombu charadu for the well-being of their husband. This year nombu is celebrated  on Friday  the  14th march 2014  and Muhurtham will be from  9.30 to 10.15 pm