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Check Dam Overflowing - FIRST TIME

It was a nice experience for me standing in the banks of the river with an umbrella in one hand, and camera in another and enjoying the rains as it poured on to the river. The river was over-joyous after felt being released from the Check-dam being built across it recently. The water was pushing one another and trying to escape as fast as it could. Normally a silent river, it posed a big sound of water gushing across. The sound was even heard from inside my home. It was like a waterfalls sound from within. I thought this to be a good share for those missing action here.

Check Dam in Thirunellai River

A new check dam is built across the Thirunellai river and is almost nearing completion. This dam is being built for serving the water authority pumping house near the Thirunellai bridge. This water will be then treated there and will be used for supplying to houses nearby. The view of river from Padikadavu