Learn Sanatana Dharma - Lesson 1

Sanatana Dharma also known as Hinduism is unlike other religions which are practiced across the globe. It is not a religion. It conveys a broader aspect of culture itself. It tells us how to live and what to attain in one's lifetime.

Before starting to learn Sanatana Dharma, one must understand that everyone in this world is following these dharma, knowingly or unknowingly. To state an example, all people who consider that there is only one God automatically follows one aspect of Sanatana Dharma. Though it is widely believed that Sanatana Dharma teaches there are multiple gods, unlike its belief it teaches that there is only one God.

The Vedas preach:

एकं सद्विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति
ekaM sadvipraa bahudhaa vadanti

ekaM means One
sad means exists
vipraa means the learned/people/sages
bahudhaa means multiple
vadanti means calls/tells

Thus it means "Even though there exists only ONE, people call it by multiple names". This is the ultimate truth every Hindu must learn in ones lifetime.

To understand this we will take an example. Take the case of milk. In different languages it is called differently. In Malayalam & Tamil it is called "paal", Kannada it is called "haalu", Telugu it is called "pālu", English it is called "Milk", Hindi it is called "doodh" etc. But does it not refer to same object?

The same way there can be multiple names for the ONE, but it does not mean that there is different god for Hindus, different god for Muslims, different god for Christians. This information forms the basic of Sanatana Dharma. This is why Only Hindus will be able to identify Christian God or Allah as their god. The first lesson whenever one wants to know about God should not be hatred against each other.

God is personal to every human being. It is not the one to be quarreled for. It is not the one to be proud of. It is every individual's right to search for the God with his/her knowledge passed on by their forefathers. 


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