Maashi/Kumbam Pournami Today

Today is Maashi Pournami. This is an important religious function. As Pournami/Full Moon is important to Chandra (as per astrology), it is believed that prayers on this day will yield family harmony.

Especially those who do not have children/who have small children if they prepare Pal Payasam and offer to Moon, it is believed to be auspicious. Others can prepare Paripu Kanchi (Moong Dal Payasam) and offer to Moon during the moon rise in the evening (after sunset). This assures well being of family members.

Along with fruits payasam has to be offered to Moon.

Pournami is treated important for our community.
  • Chittirai month it is celebrated as Gajendra moksham. Also it is believed that Chithragupta begins  accounts on this day. To remind this brahmacharis are given notebook and pencil on this day.
  • Vaikashi Vaishakam/Akshaya Thritiya - Buying gold nowadays. But in old days buying grains is considered good.
  • Avani month, avani avittam is celebrated.
  • Karthi month, it is celebrated as Thrikkarthikai/Karthi Vilakku.
  • Margazhi month it is celebrated as Thiruvathirai (Important for Lord Sivan).
  • Makaram month it is celebrated as Thaipoosam (Important for Lord Murugan).
  • Masi month it is celebrated as Maashi Pournami.
  • Pankuni month it is celebrated as Painkuni uthram (Also Ayyappa swamy birthday).
P.S: Ani/Adi/Purattachi/Aipasi months no celebrations take place.


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