Youngsters organized programs

Hi Thirunellaites,

It's been 2 years since Thirunellayi car festival has happened, thus conditions becoming pretty stable we plan to celebrate this time in a grand manner, and glad to tell you that We Youngsters are organising the attached programmes.

Requesting your whole hearted participation as always🙏🏻

We guys/gents plan to decorate the temple entirely with flowers, for the Theru day. 
Ladies/Mahilas are already planning a grand kolam (മാക്കോലം) at temple as well 😊.

Please book your tickets asap ☺️!

 *Note* : If you wish to contribute ₹ for any of the programme organised by youngsters, text Kiran personally👍🏻.

Service to Lord,
Thirunellayi Youngsters.


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