Ramanavami Tomorrow

Ramanavami is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Sri Rama's Birthday (in Malayalam Month Meenam/Tamil Month Pankuni). The celebrations are for 9 days starting from Shukla Paksha Pradhama (Next day of Amavasya). This period is also called Vasantha Navarathri.

This year the celebrations started on 31st March 2014 and culminates on Ramanavami tomorrow. (8th April 2014) Anjaneya Utsavam is celebrated on 9th April.

Bhajana Madam which is dedicated to Lord Sri Rama started during year 1931 hails Ramar Pattabhishekam Photo.

Thirunellai Bhajana Madam
During Ramanavami, the following functions are being observed:
  • Ramayana Parayanam for 9 days (by village priest in earlier days, now it is being read by villagers). 
    • Late Ambi Vadhyar used to recite this while he has priest during 1947-1997
    • Kodunthirapully Ananthakrishna Sasthrigal used to recite this after Ambi Vadhyar till two years back.
    • Last two years villagers are reciting Ramayana during this period.
  • On the 9th day with Rama Pattabhishekam Ramayana Parayanam is completed.
  • In earlier days there used to be Unchavrithi (with Ramar Photo) was conducted, but nowadays it is only conducted on last day (9th Day).
  • Most of villagers pray to Lord Rama and thus has a lot of participation from all. Mainly ladies bring coconut, vettila, adakkai, banana, and flowers to listen to Ramayana Parayanam daily.
The village has a historical name "Thiru Villa Kadavu" named after the following story. During Ramayana Period Lord Rama had been to this place. Sitadevi felt thirsty and Lord Rama is believed to have sent an arrow which started a fountain of water on the river flowing behind the village. The place is named as Ganga Kadavu, which is still there in western side of village, near to Mandha Kovil on the banks of river.

10th day is celebrated as Anjanayotsavam. Bhajans were organized in the past on this day, and a person is dressed like Lord Anjaneya and will come to all houses to give blessings along-with Bhajan party. With this the celebrations comes to and end.

Please visit this page for photos of this year's celebrations.


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